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 Clan rules

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PostSubject: Clan rules   Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:23 pm

Here some simple rules you need to read and accept

-Clan leaders are GeNoCiDe and Hawk, subleader is Godopiuio (this mean that you listen them before others)

-I wont remember all good manners between people...because i hope you are mature enought to understand alone,this mean no offence no racism and so on

-Use teamspeak always, we know that no microphone mean that you are shy...its ok you can listen until you are ready to talk.
always login teamspeak before login the game

-Raidbosses and party fulldrops goes in whc

-it is a must to have at least 1 support as first subclass exception made if you are support with your main class

-we are on clan crafts,exception made for thoose who are in a cp,this mean that you have to deposit everything in whc (money drops rcps keys mats) and we provide for your gears

Special note

we want only people that are able to play in a teamwork,this mean 100% loyalty and if we see just a person that care for himself before others we kick him,our target is to make a group of friends that work perfectly if you are the weak ring of our chain you do not deserve to play with us.

we do not care about your skills and how much you are ''pro'' what we are looking here is stable people,mature and that want a little and strong clan where to stay until you do not decide to stop playing
we do not care about your playtime...but how you spend your time when you are in game,even if its low

Good luck everyone
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Clan rules
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